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Oilfield Workers Sharing Christ Around the World



On behalf of the IADC Houston Chapter, we are excited to announce the Twelfth Annual IADC Houston Chapter Oilfield Charity Shoot to be held at Westside Sporting Grounds on March 25, 2022.  

This years event will support the IADC Houston Chapter Scholarship Program, Home Run Hitters International, Inc. and the Oilfield Christian Fellowship (OCF), three outstanding organizations.

The Oilfield Christian Fellowship began in May 1991 as an outlet for Christians in the oilfield to meet each other. The OCF has evolved into many more forms of outreach, including a Bile ministry, Prayer Breakfasts, a Bible APP and Bible Studies.  Oil workers have carried over 300,000 Bibles in 52 languages to 67 countries around the world. Of those, over 250,000 are custom Oil Patch Bibles written in English, Spanish, Chinese and Portuguese. The long-term goal is to reproduce this unique Bible, God’s Word for the Oil Patch, Fuel for the Soul into every language in the world where there is an oil and gas presence.

Home Run Hitters International, Inc. (HRH) is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization dedicated to young individuals with limited communication skills in addition to other disabilities.  HRH provides opportunities for these individuals to be esteemed and celebrated all while interacting with their surroundings and other individuals.  HRH achieves this by hosting four programs, each designed to offer unique experiences within stimulating and supportive environments.  HRH believes everyone has the opportunity to succeed, to compete, to make friends, and to receive words of praise.

Because of your generous support, the IADC Houston Chapter was able to donate almost $35,000 last year, bringing our total lifetime contributions close to $400,000.  I hope you will join our efforts again, as we expect this year’s event to build on our past success.

As we did in previous years, each team will be eligible to win one pistol per team (two pistols per team for Platinum sponsors) as door prizes. We believe it is important to give back to participants in addition to the charities.

We hope you will join our efforts again this year and take pride in helping us support our scholarship recipients and these three worthy organizations.REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN!!!!! 


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