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 “Heaven Is a Breath Away. Lord, make room for me and show me the way”!  After reading this book , I was inspired to write a poem that tells the true story of what is to come when we receive Jesus Christ as our personal Savior.

I pray that the reading of this poem will change your life as Jesus reveals His true Love For all mankind. THANK YOU JESUS!   Praise Your Holy Name!   Creig Hixson   April 2017

Where Christians will be called to stay,
And their Mansion is already made!
Heaven is a breath away;

Where family and friends can join to stay
And all our pains have gone away!
Heaven is a breath away;

Where we’re all treated just the same;
For we’ve been set free from our sin and shame!
Heaven is a breath away;

Where we can Dance, Worship, Praise and Pray;
Worship, Praise and Pray.
Heaven is a breath away;

Where we’ll rest within God’s loving arms;
For here there is peace… and there is no harm!
Heaven is a breath away;

Where, forgiven of our sin and shame,
He even calls us by our VERY OWN NAME!
Heaven is a breath away;

We never know… this may be OUR DAY,
What’s the perfect plan to SURVIVE LIFE’S FRAY?
Bring JESUS into OUR lives TODAY!
Questions?  Life problem?  JESUS is the answer!…
I know Him, I Share Him. ASK ME ! ! !

Author; Creig Hixson, St. Maries Idaho & Prudhoe Bay, Alaska
Inspired by the book “HEAVEN IS A BREATH AWAY” by Valerie Paters and Cheryl Schuelke

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