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Oilfield Workers Sharing Christ Around the World


You’ve all heard, “Heaven is a (short) Breath Away”;
and we’ve never been promised another new day.

For the Born Again Christian, It’s no dire threat;
cause eternal joy is a “guaranteed bet!”

But…For the unsaved, It’s a “whole ‘nuther story”!
Sadly, they’ll miss all of Heaven’s bright GLORY!

For without Salvation and true heart belief;
there’ll be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth!

And it goes on forever, as God has decreed;
indescribable pain, discomfort and need.

BUT…An option is ours… JESUS saves the condemned!;
for He gave up His life to remove our past sin!

While Heaven is sure “just a short breath away;”
ask the question, “could HELL be in my path today?”

Both are ETERNAL! “The die will be cast;”
choose JESUS and LIFE friend, don’t wait till the last!

Author, Stan McNutt St. Maries Idaho May 5th 2018
Inspired by the book “Heaven is a Breath away”
(by Valerie Paters and Cheryl Schuelke) and
Poems “Heaven is a Breath Away” and “Dare to Believe” (by Creig Hixson)

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