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DEVOTION-December 2014


BY Mike Chaffin

I was preparing a prayer to recite at the November OCF Houston luncheon. I started off with this line; “As we set aside this time to honor You oh Lord”. When I wrote that down, I was immediately convicted of my wrongheadedness. That isn’t the way to worship God. We don’t serve a set aside God. We don’t serve a “make this God’s time” God. He is an “all the time” God. He knows when you rise, He knows when you lie down. He knows the number of hairs on your head, and for some the count gets easier every year. We are to worship God in Spirit and Truth. We are to sing songs, hymns, and spiritual songs all the day long, in our heart and in our head, when we don’t have the ability to sing them out loud. So when the Christian program is over, or you walk out at the end of a church service, and you go back to work, or to Sunday dinner, remember we don’t serve a set aside God. Don’t check Him at the door of your workplace or your home. God isn’t a raincoat that we put on and take off. He wants all of us. He sent is only son, Jesus Christ to die for our sins so that we can have eternal life. He deserves our worship. Let us pray.

Lord, we thank you for the talent you put in musicians and psalmists to give us music to sing and worship by. We ask a blessing on their work. We ask a blessing for all those who are your faithful followers. Lord as we go about our holiday time let us leave the stress with You and enjoy the season. You are our joy. No one can take it from us. But Lord we too easily lay our joy down and pick up stress and worry and fretful fears that you never gave us. Forgive us our inability to remember to go to You in all things. Lord we lift up our military. As they defend our country we ask you defend them from harm. We thank you for this nation you have given us. Help us to be the people who restore it to you. We ask it In Jesus name, Amen.

Merry Christmas.

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