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Yes Virginia there is abortion in the world. While it is not legal in every country, in 1973 it was declared by the United States Supreme Court to be a right of a woman to take the life of her unborn baby. Back then it was portrayed as something that must be allowed and ruled that women had a constitutional right to abortion, and that this right was based on an implied right to personal privacy emanating from the Ninth and Fourteenth Amendments. If you read these amendments you will scratch your head as to how they draw this conclusion. In Roe v. Wade1 the Court said that a fetus is not a person but “potential life,” and thus does not have constitutional rights of its own. The details of this ruling depended on what trimester the pregnancy was in. Which I guess they realized led to a slippery slope of when does constitutional rights start because later that year they decided that didn’t allow enough freedom to choose to kill and changed that to allow abortion any time based on the health of the mother. Any ailment, not even life threatening, was enough to allow the mother to end her child’s life. Back in 1973 we didn’t know as much about medicine, baby’s growth and how a baby formed. Now we know that the baby has a full set of unique DNA at the point of fertilization which is less than a day from the sex act, and a heartbeat, brain and spinal cord in 5 weeks. Back then, people who wanted the right to kill their child, got scientists to give false testimony that human babies looked like dogs and pigs until just a few weeks prior to delivery. Anybody with a moral compass knew they were lying but science couldn’t prove it. Doctors now believe the baby can feel pain, and is cognizant of “being poked” at eight weeks.

Once people started realizing science was shedding light on the fact that this embryo, tissue, zygote, or whatever non-descript scientific term you wanted to use, was a real baby with all its parts, they turned the argument into the woman’s right to choose. They painted it as a women’s rights issue instead of a moral issue because they knew morally they were wrong and defending a right to choose sounds good in an era when the country was debating equal rights for women. However, they never finished the sentence. The woman’s right to choose what? Well, let’s look at the choices. First, a woman chooses to have sex and gets pregnant. (Let’s talk about the 1,100,000 or so babies killed every year by abortion2 that didn’t get started by rape or incest first and then we can tackle those other, much fewer cases.) The natural choice for a pregnant woman is to have the baby. Her choice after having the baby is to keep it and raise it or adopt it out. The unnatural choice is for the woman to turn on her unborn child and kill it. What would cause a woman to want to choose this?

The first idea that comes to mind is shame. The woman is ashamed of having sex outside of marriage and wants to hide this fact. As if it isn’t hard enough on this woman to face, many times she gets pressure from her parents or a boyfriend who either don’t want to be bothered with a child or they too share in the shame. A pregnancy is hard to hide, the pressure is too high, so she opts to terminate the baby. This happens in about 87% of the abortion cases. It is a real shame that nearly 1,000,000 children are aborted due to shame. So, one bad choice follows another.

The second reason brought up by many abortionists is hardship. Twelve percent of women seeking abortion use this as their justification. ‘It is just too economically hard on the woman to have and raise the child’. Texas Senator Wendy Davis argued this point during the Texas abortion debate. It seems she forgot her own story though of being brought up by a single mom, economically challenged, yet achieved multiple college degrees and now is a state senator. The hardship argument just doesn’t work in this era of welfare, food stamps, and the Affordable Health Care act. Sure, raising a child can be hard, but the rewards are great. Adoption is also the moral answer to a mother who truly can’t raise a child due to viable health or hardship reasons.

Virginia, the third reason many people want abortion is in case of rape or incest. This is roughly 1% of the 1,200,000 deaths annually, or about 12,000 cases. This is the main argument brought up by pro-abortionists that abortion must always be legal and necessary. However, in their book, Victims and Victors by David Reardon and associates draw on the experience of 192 women who got pregnant via rape or incest. These women were surveyed as to their thoughts on the subject. Nearly all women interviewed said they regretted aborting their babies conceived via rape or incest. More than 90% said they would discourage other women from getting an abortion due to rape or incest. Not one woman who gave birth to the child expressed regret. The reason for this may be found in a recent study by the journal, “Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences”3 which found that having an abortion can lead to depression and anxiety disorders including post-traumatic stress disorder. The conclusion by the authors of this study is that “fetal loss seems to expose women to a higher risk for mental disorder than childbirth; some studies show that abortion can be considered a more relevant risk factor than miscarriage.” In addition to the emotional scaring that takes place there is ample evidence (28 of 37 studies)4 that abortion has a direct link to an increased rate of breast cancer.

While statistics can be misleading, and do not justify a moral argument, they can be revealing as to the consciences of the masses. In a recent Gallup study done in America, 48% opposed abortion while nearly 70% said abortion was morally wrong. There is good news in these statistics as abortions have been on the decline in the past few years. Seventy percent of America still has a moral compass and are open to hear the pros and cons. The psychiatric study confirms the poll’s findings. People with morals are emotionally and psychologically affected by the taking of a life.

However, there are the 30% who have had their hearts hardened for one reason or another. Included in this group are the women who attempted to carry jars of urine and feces into the Texas State Capital during the debate on the new abortion law that was passed. Included in this group are the women who stood outside the capital building and chanted “Hail Satan”. Included in this group is the Planned Parenthood organization in Texas who recently settled a law suit brought by one of their own employees accusing them of Medicare fraud of several hundreds of millions of dollars. You see if you believe it is alright to kill, then what is wrong with stealing, serving Satan, or attempting to vandalize public property.

Also included in this group bent on murdering are ultra-liberals such as Melissa Harris-Perry5 and Princeton’s Peter Singer6. Mrs. Harris-Perry stated on her MSNBC television show that life begins when the parents think it should. Professor Singer has gone on record as saying babies can’t take care of themselves so parents have the right to kill them. Yes, Virginia you read that correctly. Some abortionists aren’t satisfied with killing in the womb, they want the right to kill when it feels right. These are immoral ideas, the same kind of thinking Nazi’s had in Germany before and during World War II. You follow this to its logical conclusion and murder should be allowed pretty much anytime someone feels like it. No, Virginia this isn’t right. Hopefully these people will stop to hear themselves say what they are saying and God can reach them. We can only hope and pray for these sad and pathetically lost people.

The 30% didn’t want Texas to stop the killing of children over 20 weeks in the womb. What does a baby look like at this age? See the photo below.

Devotion Image

They made quite a fuss to stop 1.5 % of the abortions done. You see Virginia, once a baby is 20 weeks the mother is usually showing and people know she is pregnant. That is why 98.5% of abortions are done before this point. Many abortions performed after 20 weeks are for dire medical reasons.

Two other nonsensical arguments made by abortionists are they don’t want old white men regulating their bodies and they don’t want the government involved in our medical decisions. Going back to statistics, more women oppose abortion than men do. Most women do not agree with the argument that abortion should be legal for any reason at any time. I actually agree with the second argument about government medical interference but with these people it is not credible. To carry out this argument they need to vent and march against Obamacare (AKA The Affordable Care Act), Medicare and Medicaid. All of these government medical programs invade your medical privacy. Ironically it isn’t the pro-abortionists trying to stop Obamacare with all its government intrusion into your healthcare, but people who are pro-life. Abortionists are actually for this government intrusion because they get the government to pay for the murder they wish to commit. To a Christian it is premeditated murder and against our religion.

Virginia, I hope you have enough information to decide what is right. I have given you a summary of the facts of the abortion debate over the years and brought you up to date. I hope you decide as you grow older, as you become a woman, that you will remember this talk we had. My prayer for you is you follow God’s ordinances laid down in mankind from the point of creation. You see He made us in His image.

That means not only in appearance, but in morals and thinking. Sadly, as recently seen in Austin, Satan has been successful in clouding the minds of many people, deluding their thinking and creating havoc wherever he can. There is no one who is good, no one who is without sin. However, Virginia, there is still hope for most people. Some who have had abortions have asked for God’s forgiveness, received His son, Jesus, as their savior and are living free lives knowing they are forgiven of their sins. We have all sinned Virginia, we are a fallen people and in one way or another have done wrong. So, Virginia we don’t condemn a person who has had an abortion. I suspect their sin is no worse than mine in God’s eyes. The reasons for the abortion don’t really matter after the killing is done. But God is there to heal, cleanse and forgive. Virginia, remember, actions have consequences, some good some bad. Weigh those actions and choose good. My prayer Virginia is for all those who have had abortions, but haven’t publicly confessed their sin, would seek God’s forgiveness, receive Jesus into their hearts and receive new life. It is the only way to live.








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