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Oilfield Workers Sharing Christ Around the World

DEVOTION – March 2015

Say Can You See?

This story begins with the classic oilfield line “You won’t believe this, but…”. For several years, we have led small teams to Northwest Nicaragua on evangelical and technical missions for safe water supply. Each trip requires at least one English/Spanish translator for simplified and accurate conversation. One of our favorite translators is Luddy, who has a heart for the Lord and is very enjoyable. His full time job, when not translating for ex-pats doing mission work in his homeland, is an optometrist. Luddy asked for an OCF bible a few years ago while we first started handing them out to the local water well workers. When we next saw him the following year, he asked for another copy. Teasing him, we asked where the first bible was and if he wore it out…assuming that he had given it to someone in need. We were surprised when he responded that he used that bible almost exclusively during the workweek and that the paper and ink was wearing thin. He continued to tell us how he asks every client that gets fitted for glasses to find a certain verse and read it out loud. He not only gets to verify that the lens strength is accurate, but every client getting fitted speaks the Word of God. With multiple clients on most work days, his “oilfield” bible isn’t being used much in the patch, but does see a lot of “field” work.

Max Holloway

Edmond, Oklahoma

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