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Traveling On!

By Jeff Dyk

I am tired and so weary
But I must travel on
Til I reach the gates of heaven
And kneel humbly before the Son

There will be peace in that valley
No shadows to render doubt
There will be no sadness, nor sorrow
Forever we’ll sing and shout

That day is quickly coming
When we will see Christ the king
Return from his glory in heaven
To let salvation ring.

We will lay down our plows and swords
In worshipping our Lord
Together we’ll sing hallelujah
All in one accord

So while I may feel weary
I will keep my hope in God above
And will fully trust his promises
Of his eternal love



By Jeff Dyk

The words we speak in everyday life
Have the power to bring peace or to stir up strife
The words that daily come from our speech
Can often bring comfort that seems out of reach

Begin each day hearing the Words from Above
Will inspire your lives to reach out in love
And to speak out those words that really heal
Connecting your world with that which is real.

Christ came from heaven as God’s Word made flesh
And taught us heaven’s way to be our best
To reach out to others with neighborly love
And to spread that peace that comes from above.

So use your words with wisdom in all that you say
Always within take time to kneel down and pray
Seeking to speak with words full of grace
Building up others you meet face to face

Psalm 19:14 – Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight O Lord, my God and My Redeemer

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