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Oilfield Workers Sharing Christ Around the World

JD Defenbaugh Devotional – March 2014

Called to Love Our Neighbors

In a very fallen and broken world, it is very important that we as Christians help those less fortunate and help bring them to know our Almighty Savior! Never forget that all souls are worthy of saving, and it is our duty to reach out to those truly in need. It reminds me of this story:

A horrific hurricane, out at sea, occurred, and as a result many starfish washed ashore upon a shoreline in Florida. After the storm cleared, a young boy walked down the shore and began picking up starfish and one-by-one threw them back into the sea. As he did this, a cynical older man yelled out to the boy, “What does it matter? There are so many starfish littering the shore; what does it matter that you throw that one back in?” The boy looked at the starfish in his hand, and as he was throwing it back into the ocean, said, “It matters to this one”.

When it comes to helping our “brothers & sisters” in Christ, where the needs are so great, it matters to that “one” we are trying to save; indeed, it matters to that one eternally. We are so blessed to have what we have! We must remind ourselves daily to thank The Lord for these blessings and to remember that as Christians we are to spread the Good Word and help those “in need” and less fortunate!

Yes, we can all help those in need! Thanks be to those who do so on a regular basis such as our teachers in lower income school districts who truly make a difference in the lives of children who live in broken homes! Touch one “less fortunate” young life in a positive light, and it can make the difference in that soul FOREVER! Thanks be to those who help the homeless in shelter and volunteer food programs! We can all help to make a difference! It’s our calling & duty as Christians!


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