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Making The Trip With God on Route 316

The new 40 day Devotional Journey book is now available. Go to the Contact Us link and contact Mike Chaffin to order your Books today. The prices vary depending on quantity ordered.

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There are dozens of Bible verses directing us to Know God, to learn and draw close to Him.  Intimacy with God comes through prayer and reading the Bible.  The Bible is the literal Word of God and as such to live the Christian life to the fullest we have to know what it says. Another reason we need to know…

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Bible Memorization Aids

Memorizing Philippians Or Other Small Book of the Bible

Studying and pondering over a small book of the Bible like Philippians is a great way to learn God’s truth. However, we tend to forget much of it very quickly. Memorizing the Bible is a bit different. It implants God’s truths within us so that God can bring those truths to mind when needed. Saying it over and over again…

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Memorizing God’s Word

Memorizing? That sounds like work! And in some ways, it is. But we have been memorizing things all our lives. From learning the words “mommy” and “daddy”, to the ABC’s, the Pledge of Allegiance, multiplication tables, and so on in school. In fact, we have not stopped memorizing. We are still doing it today – from memorizing new names and…

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COME, SMELL THE RAIN By Mike Chaffin I stood in the desert. It was bleak and dry from the long cold winter; looked as if nothing was alive or ever would be again. But winter was starting to lift; a feeling of warmth returning in the air. This afternoon dark clouds began building on the horizon. Rain arrived the next…

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WITHOUT FEAR Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; …. Psalms 23:4 I don't like walking through the valley. I would rather be on the mountaintop. The sun shines bright. Day holds no secrets. Nothing is impossible. Life is worth living. Transformations take place on the mountaintop. Transfigurations do also.…

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The OCF Bible App contains testimonies in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Mandarin Chinese in audio and print that are part of the Oil Patch Bible. The App also contains links to OCF social media and website. The App also houses an audio Bible that has over 1200 languages available to read or listen.

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