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Oilfield Workers Sharing Christ Around the World


ROSE BUD – Classic Film Image or Oilfield Tool?

By Robert Harmon When I think of the word, “rose bud,’ two things come to mind.  One is the image from the old classic film, “Citizen Kane,” where the main character uttered the word as he lay dying.   Rosebud (one…

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Poetry from the minds of Stan McNutt and Creig Hixson. These poems are great to share with those searching for answers, searching for Jesus.  “THE POWER OF THE POEM”  Using Annoited Scripture Messages in Prose to help win souls  Authors…

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Well Log Libraries – End of an Era?

By Robert Harmon As a young man nearly forty years ago, I remember going with my father into the Tulsa log library to help him research oil wells.  Log Libraries were started in many oil regions in the mid-twentieth century,…

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By Mike Chaffin I stood in the desert. It was bleak and dry from the long cold winter; looked as if nothing was alive or ever would be again. But winter was starting to lift; a feeling of warmth returning…

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Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; …. Psalms 23:4 I don't like walking through the valley. I would rather be on the mountaintop. The sun shines bright. Day holds…

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By Mike  Chaffin "I wish I could start over,” she said. Many people wish this every day. Maybe it's regrets about their job, a relationship that has been damaged, or life in general hasn't gone as they planned. Something has…

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