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By Mike Chaffin

21 Salmon begot Boaz, and Boaz begot Obed; 22 Obed begot Jesse, and Jesse begot David. Ruth 4:21-22


Oh, no, not another list of people we might think.  However, genealogy is important in the Bible.  Several chapters, scattered throughout the Book, list genealogies of different families.  But none are more important than the lineage of Jesus.  The writer of Ruth’s final words are extremely important to God, important enough for Him to tell the writer to pen them.

The book of Ruth is about a Moabite woman married to an Israelite.  Before she could have a child, her husband dies, and the husband’s only brother also dies.  But that isn’t the final word.  Really the book is about God’s goodness and His plan of redemption.

God doesn’t desire that anyone should perish, not even family lineages.  So, He set up a system to redeem a family in debt and in death.  Ruth is directed by her mother-in-law to seek out Boaz, a kinsman redeemer, to fulfill the duties of such.  Boaz, a righteous man new the law and acted.  He fulfilled the role of redeemer for Ruth’s dead husband by taking Ruth for a wife and giving her children.  The first child is Obed, who has a son named Jesse, the father of King David.  Jesus is of this lineage.

Did the author know why he was writing a story about an obscure Moabitess and her redeemer husband?  Maybe, or maybe he was just being obedient to God who breathed these verses to the writer to put into ink.

Even in the everyday things God is working.  He wants everyone to know He loves them.  His plan of redemption would not be thwarted in the death of Ruth’s husband nor could death keep Jesus in the grave.  Jesus in our redeemer, and as such we who accept Christ as savior are sons and daughters of God.

The final words of Ruth are about redemption and obedience.


Prayer:  Dear Lord, thank you that you are in charge.  Your ways are not our ways, but your plan will be fulfilled even when we don’t understand.  Help me be obedient in all I do and not lean on my own understanding, but in everything trust in you.  In Jesus Name, amen. 

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