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As I read my morning devotional, I came to this sentence, “What is Christianity supposed to do to a person?  The writer, John Etheridge, then went on to encourage the reader to sit down and write out their thoughts on the subject.

Ultimately Christianity changes a person.  The changes should be real, magnificent and life directing.  Before becoming a Christian, we are dead to spiritual things, living a life fulfilling our own lusts, desires and wishes.  If we are honest about this time we are living for ourselves we have to admit that, while there may have been some fun, good times, and fleeting happiness, there was always a hole, something missing, something just didn’t feel right.  As the song goes, “We were seeking love in all the wrong places.”

However, when we accepted Christ as our savior our life should have been changed.  We repented of our sins, accepted Jesus sacrifice on the cross to wipe them away, to wipe away the sting of death and to accept new life.  We are born again into a spirit filled life.  We realize that hole in our previous life was the lack of the Holy Spirit living in us, giving us joy unspeakable. He creates in us a desire to live for Christ, to leave sin behind and to love God before all else and love our neighbor as we love our self.  What Christianity can do for a person is to remove that desire to sin, give us a way out of addiction, and turn our life around.

As a second part to the question John asked, “What is the effect Christianity is intended to have upon a person who becomes a Christian, seeks to live as a Christian?”

I wrote a book about this subject.  It is titled “Making the Trip With God on Route 316.”  If you would like a copy to read for yourself you can order here on our website.


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