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Oilfield Workers Sharing Christ Around the World

Using Anointed Scripture Messages in Prose to Help Win Souls

 Authors – Stan McNutt  2018-2019, Creig Hixson and Del Rust

 Active Soul Winners should expect the Holy Spirit to put a “Divine Appointment” right in their path (described in the poem “The Soul Winner’s Creed”).  THE HOLY SPIRIT WILL DO JUST THAT, IF YOU PREPARE YOUR HEART AND THE TOOLS PROPERLY.

 A well equipped Soul Winning “Tool box” should consist of a number of items (We’ll list those later). The purpose is to always be ready to respond to a DIVINE APPOINTMENT, an unplanned, unexpected encounter with a person who is probably steered your way because YOU are “SOUL CONSCIOUS” and ready to share Jesus openly. YOU MAY BE THE ANSWER, AT ANY TIME, TO SOMEONES PARTICULAR PRAYER.

 Why POEMS? Good Question! In some cases, the time element of a contact does not allow a complete testimony and some bible study. A one page poem is short (1-2 minutes) but can encapsulate the most critical essence of a very specific Biblical message. A message poem may extract elements from Genesis to Revelation in four to eight paragraphs ON ONE PAGE! If the message strikes home, a follow-up will likely take place.

 In this case, we are not counting on our normal, prepared full testimony or complete story of the Gospel. Instead, a well selected poem tailored to the person’s individual need often condenses the BIBLICAL message enough for the person to open his/her mind to the DRAWING of the Spirit. The Holy Spirit will pre-arrange amazing unplanned contacts for those who are committed, prayed up and always ready!

 It is the Holy Spirit  who touches the reader/hearer (John 6:44)!  Most of the time the person has heard some Gospel  but has chosen to put off any decision. Sometimes the person has been saved but has backslidden or neglected the follow up with a pattern that results in God’s best. Select your poems to use in advance of meeting a person you are witnessing (if you have enough information to target the message.

 Pre-prayer and Care must be exercised in choosing which, when, and how you use these prose poems. The poems are pretty much targeted for specific individual circumstances of their spiritual life. “Preaching to the Choir” may be entertaining (or even informative) but the most effective use has been in personal one-on one contact. Always ask permission to read (or better…let him/her read the poem. Doing so will help him absorb the message as he/she reads.

 A lot of the message poem ministry will also reveal “LUKEWARM’ believers who will reveal a need to draw closer to “their first love” (rev. 2). Thus, the prepares and active Soul Winner will also experience the joy of helping the Holy Spirit bring lukewarm believers back to closer relationship with Jesus!



    1. Can You Imagine?” should pique the curiosity of an unbeliever to know more. It is when the unbeliever reads the poem himself that the Holy Spirit has the most likely opportunity confirm the word in some demonstrable way. It may be tears, a thank you or a “if that is true, I want to be there someday! Be sure to ask permission to share the poem along with your own brief testimony and give him/her a copy.


 Illustrates how an unbeliever, even on a violent mission to destroy Christianity, can be turned around when exposed to undeniable truth about Jesus.

    1. Damascus Road I is a witnessing tool designed to illustrate how God often reveals himself to the most unlikely people in very dramatic ways. Although SAUL (later called PAUL) was a persecution zealot against Christ’s followers, God (who is omniscient) knew that when Saul had a real Revelation, he would be an equally effective ZEALOT for Him! God wanted Saul in his service because he was a determined zealot who could get things done!
    2. Jesus saw great worth in Saul, even though he was murdering Christians. Ultimately, he wrote over 13 chapters of the Bible. The story also illustrates the supernatural encounters God sometimes has to put us through to get us to accept the truth of a Holy, Supernatural God!
    3. What followed this supernatural revelation of the REAL GOD was an incredible life of ACTION for PAUL. He was certainly one of the most prolific zealots for Christ, writing and spreading the Gospel of Christ which went out to the known world, of that time.
    4. Our conclusion, from Saul’s story, should inspire us to not give up on the soul that is Unbelieving, Hard headed, Stiff Necked, Self determined, Stubborn, Energetic and with unswerving convictions!  Look at the other attributes of their life and recognize what the “mover and shaker” within, could do for the Gospel when God reaches him like he did with the APOSTLE PAUL!  The NEW MAN in Christ could go on to wreak HAVOC on Satan’s plans!!
    5. Satan knows this too! And often works with all his wiles to keep this Man of Action in his clutches, thus keeping him Out of Action for God! If ministering to someone with these attributes, it may be fruitful to warn him how the enemy of his eternal soul may be interfering in his life to keep him captive and away from God’s service. Always ask permission to share and have him read the poem verbally after your very short explanation as to why you brought it to him. It is during that anointed message that the person’s mind and heart can be reached. People’s eyes often fill with tears, an emotion confirming the Holy Spirit’s touching the heart through the message. If he by-passes theprayer, give him a copy of Damascus Road II and give him your contact card .  If he does choose to pray the prayer, let the Holy Spirit lead you in follow up. NEVER take any credit. Another “star in your crown” has already been reserved! PTL!


Simply reading this by an unbeliever seldom elicits a negative! They may not ask “what may I do to be saved” but they will be touched if you have been gentle and sensitive. You    should always offer your card and the sheet “Want to know more?”

 4.  FISHERS OF MEN, (Can be followed with “RIVER OF LIFE OUTFITTERS” for a touch of outdoorsman analogy

Jesus made no bones about it! He expects his true followers to “Spread the Gospel”  Saving of Souls = Book of life! True Disciples of Christ, always teach others how to save souls too!

5.    HEAVEN IS A BREATH AWAY, Our Testimony: (Creig Hixson and Stan McNutt)

    • Creig was so spiritually affected by the book he had read (“Heaven is a breath away”) that he called Stan from the oil fields of Alaska to share how he was overcome by the message. Stan ordered the book. The next day Creig said he was inspired to write a poem using the same title. He read the paragraph of text asking Stan to redraft it as a prose-poem (Which Stan had never done before!).

Upon receiving the Email with the large paragraph of poetic, rhyming text, Stan redrafted it in a publishable and mountable 81/2 X10 format and sent it back.  In a few days, Stan reached for the mailbox, was overcome with crying and sobbing for joy before even knowing the book was inside!

The rest is a long story of a 21 month explosion of personal ministry by Creig in Alaska, and a powerful rebirth of inspiration of the Holy Spirit in Stan! At this writing, this  ministry uses 23 Scripture messages in prose and 18 lemiricks for teens and kids, all of which were individually and personally confirmed by the Holy Spirit to Stan, Creig and Del Rust, as they collaborated until Creig put each poem use in the fields. Each one is clearly God’s anointed work and not of man. We Praise God and give him all glory!  For over 20 months, Divine Appointments for Creig have been so frequent and was shared almost daily with his mentors! Who provided close coordination, mentoring and prayer support. Some have been “jump and Run” crisis responses in addition to winning souls, several suicides prevented; several couples living in sin have repented and are getting married! Several victories over pornography among married men. Scriptural principals for backsliders and lukewarm believers are energizing re-commitments to Christ. A major tool has been the Scripture-inspired POEMS coupled with a Soul Consciousness and Boldness to witness!

  • DIVINE APPOINTMENTS have come from everywhere to Creig in the arctic, in his travels to and from, God gives him favor in the entire oil fields! We, (Creig, Stan and Del Rust) have been a 3 way team preparing tools and watching in awe as God has (and still is) touching men and women with renewals in relationships with the Savior and many new names are now written down in Glory! PTL!  More recent requests to share the tools and give team consultations on the message poems, testimony by phone, computer and in person have come for California, Alaska, Washington, Idaho, the Northern tier of eastern States and overseas from Uganda.  May God now use each committed Soul Winner to the same, and even greater, success in reaching souls for JESUS!  A good beginning is to read the book by Valerie Paters and Cheryl Schulke which lighted a new fire under Creig, Del and Stan. If not, refer them to the web site for follow-up testimony.


        For unbelievers and seekers of the truth (also consider using the poem “THE QUEST). A hard hitting, straight forward STAEMENT OF THE TRUTH! Use it with extreme sensitivity and a super caring opening, asking permission to share your testimony. BRIEFLY and then let them read the poem. Even if they want to be saved right then, leave the sheet “Want to know more with your name and phone number.


There are so many saved who have gone “Lukewarm” simply by “drifting away” in the pressures of life! There may be no sins of commission but simply what Scripture would describe as sins of “OMISSION”. Be sensitive, understanding that you too may have felt the same way. You can testify (if true) how God has changed and re-enthused you for the things of God! Have your Bible marked for Revelation 3 and Revelation 4 and be ready to let them read it AFTER you have read, or they have read, the message poem.


Living together (sexually) and unmarried (as one man, one woman or as homosexuals) that is promoted by almost every SECULAR TV program or movie, is not what GOD intended! It is SIN and must be recognized as SIN. However, GOD offers repentance and 2 recovery options in that there is a path for redemption to an abundant life now!…and for eternity! However, they will miss out if they continue this destructive behavior!


There are so many GODLY SAINTS who know scripture “Inside Out” but there is USUALLY little opportunity in the modern Western church to share this experience with younger folks. This is a message that can REVITALIZE your heart to further serve the Lord and RETURN THE ZEAL YOU ONCE HAD FOR WINNING SOULS! Ask me (Stan) and I’ll give you an earful! The most productive is when teamed up by mutual arrangement with a special Beginner of the same gender. Once arranged and comfortably operating, Telephone, Texting and Computer all offer easy ways to keep in touch without frequent needs to meet personally.


A description of the wonderful place reserved for true believers! (Names in the lamb’s book of life!). It covers thousands of years in 4 paragraphs but the message is powerful! It starts with the simple answer to the question…If God is love, how come there is so much evil in the world? A good read for the right person and a reassurance to the seeker, saved, or lukewarm that God has not given up on them. Their mansion is still right there, waiting for a return to a right relationship with God!!


The short story of how God had a wonderful plan to create a paradise for his new creation MAN. He blessed the act of procreation, required faithfulness and gave strict rules of obedience in the garden. Satanl lied and man disobeyed causing them to be kicked out of the garden! Satan is still trying to defeat god’s plan for man and wife.

Some polls have concluded that as many as 68% of Christian men (and some women) today watch at least, some TV pornography! And many of those men are married with families. Most of these also either don’t believe or deny the Scriptural Commandments and consequences of such behavioral habits. Pornography has torn many marriages apart and can even incite unhealthy perversion (even in marriage) or sexual abuse. Counselors and Senior Ministers in confidential conversations should find the poem useful (ONLY at the right time after shared confidential information offered by the counselee!). CAUTION…prepare the person…it is very direct! It should always be used with wisdom compassion and with permission to share it.


Even most unbelievers know that the bible prophecies the end of times and may be curious (just in case). This poem-message gives graphic illustration from scripture ‘in a nutshell”! From GORY to GLORY is the real story! “The rest of the story” is an available rescue path man must take while still alive! It admonishes believers to share the coming glory prophesied and win souls before it is too late!


    • A slightly humorous (but serious) follow up to “FISHERS OF MEN”. A more light hearted, encouragement (using some modern terms Idahoans might have used to apply what Jesus’ called out to those ‘fishin’ fellers! “Follow me and i will make you fishers of men!


ANONYMOUS, A look at possible competition for souls motivated only by wanting to recruit to “MY CHURCH”. The message espouses a belief that God cares more for the soul who needs to be saved, know him, learn his Word, love him and keep his commandments, than which church the person may choose to attend, so long as it is truly FULLY BIBLE BASED and the right church to get started.

      1. SUICIDE IS A LIE 

    Inspired by dozens of testimonies where Born Again Christians were willing to “jump and run” to respond to a crisis, thus saving many young lives from Satan’s insidious LIES!  Satan uses depression and hopelessness as an opportunity to plant thoughts about suicide all too often. Many times this is not known, even by family or close friends. The results can be tragic. This is a true “Jump and Run issue” if deep depression is revealed or discerned. One method is to mention if you have had experience with friends or acquaintances who signified considering that action and did it! The person will usually confide if they have thought about it. If you do not feel qualified to counsel him/her, please try to get them to a pastor or experienced counselor ASAP! (SMc)


DEDICATED TO THOSE WHO ALWAYS SEEK THE WORD OF GOD FOR ADVICE AS TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS, WORLDWIDE, ASSAIL MEN AND WOMEN OF CHRISTIAN FAITH TODAY. There is not a single problem in life or the world today that cannot be traced to a solution in God’s WORD! The answer to every confusion, problem or question of life and circumstance is contained in the Word of God! The difficulty is that sometimes people seek every other worldly method first, then in frustration may give in and seek God’s answer. By then, the threat or problem is almost always worse or may even be insurmountable! In the poem below (The Garden of Our Lives), Jesus affirms this in a parable.




A Great Commission wake-up call and command by Jesus himself that the most important time in all life is when folks choose Heaven or Hell! The fields are white, the workers are few! How many friends and family would we let go there through neglect of Jesus’ command? “FRIENDS DON’T LET FRIENDS DIE WITHOUT JESUS!”

        1. THE QUEST

    It is natural that some folks do not believe God is real. But it is un-natural for them to NOT SAY…”If HE REALLY IS REAL I WILL FOLLOW Him” Challenge the seeker to take the quest and let the Holy Spirit “lead him into all truth”. A prayer recommended by Herb Ellingwood, then Attorney General of the State of California under Ronald Reagan, has been wildly successful! It goes: “GOD!….IF YOU’RE OUT THERE (OF COURSE I DON’T BELIEVE YOU ARE)….BUT..IF..YOU REALLY ARE WHO YOU SAY YOU ARE….REVEAL YOURSELF TO ME IN A WAY ONLY I WILL UNDERSTAND…….AND I’LL FOLLOW YOU!” If your Counselee says this with a true heart and a true request, (remember God knows the heart) GOD WILL REVEAL HIMSELF IN A SPECIAL WAY! It may not be instant but watch GOD do something in a very special way with this person. Stay in touch with him/her.!


      The aspiring soul winner who takes this message to heart and carries it out diligently and with expectation, will be amazed what the Holy spirit will do to prove “ if you will do your part…I will do my part!  Congratulations soul winner for Jesus! (SMc, CH & DR)

       21.   WE’VE GOT THE VICTORY

    •  A reminder that we have an enemy that will always try to hinder the work of the Gospel! A soul winner must be “WISE AS SERPENTS” and be aware of the enemy (like the soldiers God told Gideon to choose for battle). But the message (also a song) declares with joy that “WE’VE GOT THE VICTORY” HALLELLUAH

    Children are often overlooked as soul winners but there are hundreds of adult testimonies of children who have won souls, healed bodies and cast out evil spirits! Lemericks for children depicts a page of short parable style stories (like Jesus used) and a page of TRUE STORIES in Stan’s personal experience ministering over the years. Some are grandchildren and even great-grandchildren. SMc


      This poem includes a composite of 23 TITLES and TEXTS written by Stan McNutt and Creig Hixson. It serves as a summary of scriptural message tools (as of 1-5-2019) to help reach the lost or renew in Christ. The poem “Can you imagine” and text “His name always wins” was written by Ray Baird of St. Maries. SMc




(208) 245-5043

THE HARVEST; A Great Commission wake-up call and command by Jesus himself that the most important time in all life is when folks choose Heaven or Hell! The fields are white, the workers are few! How many friends and family would we let go there through neglect of Jesus’ command? “FRIENDS DON’T LET FRIENDS DIE WITHOUT JESUS!”  


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